Driveby - zero son lyrics

fury in a-minor


leave this shell

drain the well

clear the mist

freeze your hell

rage and yell



what’s left to lose

our names, our souls

our eyes are bruised

our hearts are holes


and we’re going down

let our hearts fade away

and we’re giving in

right here, today


Rewrite, reclaim

ignite the flame




hope in d-minor


the day all my days are over

the time all time is up

I want to return to dust

be undone


this pain never lets me doze off

the spiral never stops

I try to forget the past

and move on


Yet I wake to see another dawn

another day

knowing I've wasted another one

I can't repay

There's no word to speak and

no more gifts to share

I'm not there


not there to show you

not there to see

not there to hold you

not there to be


give in

give it to me

this life

give it back


and though everything's the same

when I hear you call my name

I can stand up once again

and I might avert the end




rupture in c-minor


Into the silence

into the night

where black horizons

absorb all light


I go down laughing

I wade with joy

through seas of nothing

into the void


though I may say the opposite

please don’t give up on me

when I say: I’ll just watch and sit

please don’t get up and leave

you are what keeps me steady

though sometimes I can’t show

while I may say I’m ready

don’t ever let me go


who says I can’t feel lonely

just cause I’m not alone

can’t ever claim to know me

so I’ll remain unknown


I’m not crazy

I just came to say

you should erase me

and walk away




struggle in f-sharp minor


We’re made of stardust

and light

we’re forced to live and


we fall and stumble

through life

In search of shelter

or guide


We are told to aim so high

and to burn up all our lives


And when we get there

we’ll no longer be friends

and I’ll be back where

the whole world ends


Is anybody out there

does anybody care

is anyone around me

still aware

Is anybody out there

can anybody see

is anybody watching

over me


We have hopes still

we have souls

we have dreams and

greater goals

we all want to

be a part

we still long for


peace of heart




insight in f-minor


When convictions start to waver

when our blood runs dry

when the sickness paves the way for

bugs and parasites

when the friction causes neighbours

to distrust, divide, despise


When the ground begins to swallow

all our pride and lust

when the bodies build a wall of

ashes, bones and rust

then the silence forces hollow

little hearts to trust


When our worlds are overlapping

when our souls collide

when the prison walls we’re trapped in

will be pulverised

when the hopes and thoughts we kept in

will ignite the light


When all reason starts to crumble

when all wisdom fades

when the highest towers tumble

and the mountains shake

we’ll be standing calm and humble

and await the final days