You can listen to our double album “aSymmetry” right here, buy a physical copy here or at one of our concerts or buy a download.

If you like more information on the concept, thoughts and inspiration of “aSymmetry”, our friends who made a remix or participated in the recording, as well as the connected ARTS-Project you get all the information in the “asymmetry” section and it’s sub-pages.

Physical Copy

Comes as a digipak with 2 CDs and a 16 page booklet.The first one contains 10 Tracks with 75 minutes of playing time, the second one remixes from great musicians like “Dead Battery”, “JARO” and “Deep in Thought” and our own alternative versions and remixes with over 55 minutes of playing time.

Price: 10 EUR (+ shipping costs 2 EUR in Austria and 4 EUR inside the EU)
Buy here:
(Please contact us via if you wan’t to order it from anywhere outside the EU.)

Digital Download

Contains all 22 tracks from the 2 CDs and the booklet as PDF.

Price: 8 EUR
Buy here:


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