progressive rock from tyrol

since 2003


Our musical style can best be described as progressive rock with influences from jazz, classical music and math rock, but we are open to different categorisations by anybody who listens to us with an open mind.

One characteristic of our music is that it features the upright bass and piano as central elements alongside more typical instruments of rock music such as drums and guitars. Occasionally, we also incorporate instruments like glockenspiel and drum pad, always trying to afford them their own space and meaning.


In addition to our affinity for complex rhythms, powerful guitar riffs and a play with musical themes our music is mainly characterised by a broad dynamic spectrum.


In our view music is a uniting force, which is why we are happy about every single person who connects with us through music. We also think that being able to make music is a gift and so we hope that we will still have plenty of time to share this gift with everybody who takes the time to listen to us.



Andreas (Drums, Drumpad, Backing Vocals)

Christian (Doublebass, Backing Vocals)

Philipp (Guitar, Glockenspiel, Vocals)

Johannes (Piano, Guitar, Vocals)




Zero son


Our recent album “zero son” marks a big milestone in our musical career. Rather than being more complex, overly cerebral and meticulous, the music featured on it appears simpler, more compact and more purposeful. Some of the tracks came into existence in a very short amount of time, with a true urgency to be written down. This sense of urgency, of imminence and tangibility, which we tried to capture when we recorded this album, is what makes “zero son” into a personal and emotional listening experience.

I. fury in a minor (07:47)

II. hope in d minor (09:53)

III. rupture in c minor (09:03)

IV. struggle in f# minor (08:43)

V. insight in f-minor (10:01)




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You can download our press package below. It contains our bio (in DE & EN), photos, logo as well as information regarding our new album, discography and line-up:




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