My Master

by Johannes


In our daily social life we often just recognize the surface of others, the clear and polished shapes they want us to see. And in most cases we agree, because it’s easier to pretend that we’re the only one who is as complex, as hurt and especially as lonely and cursed to suffer as we perceive ourselves. But when we get to know people really well, we have to reconsider this point of view. Everyone of us has these hidden layers, these depths that shape who we really are. And hopefully in the same way, we all have those more or less hidden believes, hopes and impulses that keep us going.

My hands are bruised
my eyes sore
my thoughts so dark and heavy
they cling on to my body
even stronger than gravity itself

Only then I’m beginning to realize
that all I achieved,
everything I could possibly offer
is absolutely nothing,
compared to everything
in this endless universe
which – for all I know -
may be nothing as well.

And though I’m fully aware of the fact
that there’s no reason to believe it,
I am absolutely certain
that I’m taken care of

So I’m preparing to face the storm
that is coming towards me
I stand upright, reach out with my arm
and ask for the next dance

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