The struggle between order and chaos is determining all being, escpecially human existence, since the dawn of time. While nature strives towards chaos and disintegration in order to reassemble and recreate, human reason is eager for maintaining the present state and order and preserve all aquired posession and wisdom.

Symmetry and asymmetry are human categories, that can’t unveil their effect without their respective contradiction. We understand music and it’s great impact in a similar way. Therefor we try to include sophisticated musical elements (for example from classical music or jazz) into our own compositions, as well as complex rhythmical structures and mix it with a focus on dynamics and an interaction of independent voices, that resemble basic feelings and human interaction. With all this we hope to create a unique combination.

ASYMMETRY is kind of a concept album while at the same time it’s not: It’s a concept album because it has a consistent musical theme and atmosphere throughout its full length. Furthermore it shares a bunch of themes and emotions. It isn’t a concept album because not every detail is thought out and it doesn’t follow a storyline or depict a concrete occurence.

The word ASYMMETRY can be read as either two words „a symmetry“ or as one „asymmetry“. It indicates the main theme. It’s all about the contradiction of inner peace and unrest, the constant change of contentment and restlessness. It is also about the chaos that rages within, while we try to keep face on the outside. It’s this inner fight that we can’t really win, because one part of us is destined to loose from the beginning. The disaccord of the inner and outer, the antagonism of our feelings and our conscience on one hand and the things the outside world demands from us, is what consumes us in the end. But not least, ASYMMETRY is also about resistance, about hope and liberation from bonds of resignation.

guests | remixes

We are very proud that we could convince some guests to participate in our latest double album: Anna-Sophia‘s beautiful voice on “A Mystery”, the voices of Amanda, Karoline, Tobias, Gabriel and Patricia on the “Stray me Choral”, spoken samples by Stephanie and Glenn. Gabriel also appears on Guitar on the “May Rest Acoustic” Version. Thanks to all of you, you enrichened this record a lot. We’re very grateful for having such creative and supportive friends.

Thanks also to the great Remixers JARO, Dead Battery and Deep in Thought. Each of them created a very unique and independent interpretation of the musical themes and ideas while managing to not just mash it up, but also reassemble it in a way the prevailing mood is closely related to the original one. It’s amazing to hear this for us who created it and we’re sure a lot of people will enjoy it as much as we do. Thanks to you as well! We encourage everyone to visit those extraordinary musicians on the web and listen to their music.

ARTS project

Connected to our album we started an arts project you can look at on the following pages. It involves some creative friends of ours who agreed to share some of their ideas, skills and time with us. Every one of them got a single song from the album and was asked to capture some of their associations, thoughts and feelings connected to the music.

We’d like to thank all of them for participating and sharing their creativity with us – you are great! And here they are:

May Rest“  Isabella Knapp
A TryA.M.W
My TearsLeon Okoth
Set my ArmyAmanda Klosz
Stray MeAndreas Duftner
A MysteryDominik Tendl
My MasterJohannes (with the kind help of Andreas Duftner)

We hope you enjoy it!

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