We are Driveby. We create music.

For us, music is a means of expression, an immediate way to materialize thoughts and emotions. At the same time music is a field of experiments and challenges. Driven by various influences, this is how we run free our creativity without boundaries. Nevertheless we always strive to achieve a coherent final result.

Our influences range from progressive rock and metal, via post- and mathrock, electronic music to jazz and classical music. Our own sound is best described as progressive-rock with a tendency towards classical music and mathrock. The most outstanding aspects of our songs are their complex rhythmical structures which are distinguished by unusual time-signatures as well as the focus on dynamics. Furthermore, recurring musical themes as well as the autonomy of the single instruments are a unique feature of our music.

Our most recent musical creation „aSymmetry“ consists of 2 CDs. The first one contains 10 songs which are tied together by a shared concept and musical theme. The second CD comprises remixes by some great befriended musicians as well as own reinterpretations of songs respectively fragments. The latter include a version for acoustic guitars, experiments in jazz and electronic music as well as a choral arrangement.

In addition, „aSymmetry“ is accompanied by an arts-project for which 7 ambitious artistic individuals created a piece of art for each song. Articulating the artists’ personal associations, thoughts and emotions connected to our music was the main aim of this project. This approach allows us to do convey alternative personal perceptions of „aSymmetry“.

We have got a lot of different influences. Some of the most important are:
Oceansize, 65daysofstatic, The Samuel Jackson Five, Johann Sebastian Bach, Thrice, Tool, Isis, Radiohead, The Dear Hunter, The Ocean, Karnivool, The Mars Volta, Jeniferever, Peach Pit, Frederik Chopin, Sigur Ros and of course a lot of others.


We are:
Andreas Drums
Christian Bass
Philipp Guitar/Glockenspiel
Johannes Piano/Guitar

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  1. Dennis N. sagt:

    You guys are great, I really like your music of combining progressive & classical music. Bought your album from Bandcamp last month. Greeting from a Canadian rock fan.

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